Blockchain is a technology in the form of block mathematical algorithms in the Internet network that serves to record various data. Can be used to record financial transaction data, consensus, voting, database etc.
Cryptocurrency or digital asset is a product created from the process of mathematical and cryptographic algorithms within the blockchain network. Cryptocurrency helps the process of financial transactions become easier and faster without going through a third party.
Bitcoin is a digital asset formed from cryptographic processes within a blockchain network. Financial transactions using Bitcoin can occur in the absence of a third party.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising process that is generally done by a party to run its business and then released through token program.
Crypto Wallet is an account that can be used to store, receive and send digital assets. Crypto wallet itself consists of various kinds :
  1. Online: Accessed through the web or app. Usually provided by crypto exchange or downloaded online wallets are widely available. Examples are Blockchain, Mycelium etc.
  2. Offline: Create a personal wallet through the web and printed manually. For example  Paper Wallet.
  3. Hardware: Included in the category of an offline wallet that serves as a digital storage container of assets that can be used anytime if connected to a PC / Laptop. For example Trezor, Nano Ledger etc.
is a buying and selling activity of digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency which is used as a commodity. Usually done through crypto-exchange like KRIPTOLAND.
The activity of buying and storing digital assets or cryptocurrency. Can be stored in crypto-exchange or crypto wallet. mission to gain profit within a certain time frame.
Risk :
the value of a digital asset is tend to be volatile that it is not easy to predict the gain or loss to be earned when investing in a digital asset.
Alt Coin has the meaning of "Alternative Coin". Cryptocurrency in addition to Bitcoin is usually called Alt Coin. Have the functions, advantages, weaknesses and values ​​of each.
is a market or place to conduct an online sale transaction and purchase digital assets or cryptocurrency. For example KRIPTOLAND.
KRIPTOLAND is an online digital asset market operating in Bali, Indonesia. Serving the sale, purchase and investment of digital assets or cryptocurrency.
KRIPTOLAND provides 24/7 responsive service with an easy-to-understand interface and convenient online platform. There are 5 choices of digital assets that are BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, NEO and VECHAIN. The type of cryptocurrency will increase as the market volume grows. Supported by the latest technology, transactions will be easier and faster, as well as very low transaction costs, ranging from only 0.20 - 0.25%.
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